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Edwards Vacuum Pumps

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Edwards stands as a global leader in vacuum and abatement solutions, dedicated to pioneering advancements that shape everyday life. With a legacy spanning over a century, Edwards is trusted by tens of thousands of customers worldwide across critical applications. From power generation to steel production, space simulation to high-energy physics research, vacuum plays a pivotal role in various sectors. Edwards remains at the forefront, setting new standards and addressing diverse challenges. Committed to environmental responsibility, Edwards prioritizes minimizing negative impacts on the natural world and future generations. With innovative products and sustainable practices, Edwards empowers customers to maintain operational excellence while contributing to societal progress and environmental stewardship.

Industries Served

  • Analytical Instruments

  • Chemical and Food Processing

  • Research & Development

  • Power Generation

  • Industrial Solutions

  • Semiconductor

  • Display

  • Renewables, Lighting and Storage

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